Hip Resurfacing

Suffering with Hip Pain?

Dr Kohen is offering a new procedure called hip resurfacing, to help solve your hip problems

hip resurfacing

Hip Resurfacing

Suffering with Hip Pain?

If you suffer from hip pain due to arthritis or other degenerative disease and are considering hip replacement surgery, you might be a candidate for hip resurfacing, a new procedure offered by Bone and Joint Specialists orthopedic surgoen Dr Kohen.

Dr Kohen uses the Birmingham Hip Resurfacing (BHR) technique, the only one of its kind approved by the FDA. It preserves more bone and can return functional motion and relieve the pain of hip disease.

Early studies on the Hip Resurfacing procedure show enhanced bone strength around the hip and 98 percent less wear than with traditional replacement joints.

Hip Resurfacing vs. Hip Replacement

Traditional hip replacement involves implanting an entire new hip joint. Surgeons remove the top of the femur and fit a new metal stem and ball and joint into its place. The ball joint rotates against a plastic liner implanted in the pelvic socket.

Over time, this plastic socket can wear down, requiring another, more difficult operation. Hip replacement is not a good long-term choice for younger patients, especially those who are active. Physical activity puts more strain on the replacement.

With hip resurfacing, Dr Kohen shaves (or resurfaces) the damaged femoral ball and cap it with high carbide cobalt chrome, much like a crown over a resurfaced tooth. A metal cup fits into the pelvic socket for a smooth metal-on-metal gliding motion. The procedure doesn't involve the femoral head and conserves more natural bone.

Here is what people who have had the Hip Resurfacing procedure report:

  • A return to a normal lifestyle in less time with improved range of hip motion.
  • A reduction in post-operative risks of dislocation and inaccurate leg length.
  • A more natural feeling hip than a total hip replacement.

This procedure isn't suitable for everyone who needs hip replacement surgery. The best way to find out if you qualify for this procedure is to schedule a consultation with Dr Kohen.

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