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SLAP Labral Injury

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SLAP Lesion Labral Tear Injury

Bone and Joint Specialists-shoulder slap tear SLAP Repair | Torn Shoulder Labrum | Dr. Bartholomew-Shoulder Expert-SLAP Lesion Repair or SLAP Repair is an arthroscopic shoulder procedure to treat a torn labrum. The injury occurs from repeated use of the shoulder.

Superior Labrum from Anterior to Posterior (SLAP)

SLAP is short for Superior Labrum from Anterior (front) to Posterior (back). This type of labral tear is usually seen in overhead throwing athletes such as baseball players and tennis players. An injury to this part of the body typically happens due to overuse, trauma, and accidents such as falling onto an outstretched hand.

SLAP Lesion Labral Tear Symptoms

Symptoms of a SLAP Lesion include pain and soreness in the front of the shoulder when bending the elbow or turning the wrist. Some also experience a click or snap with movement of the shoulder and it may feel like the shoulder is being dislocated.


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